Sunday, June 30, 2013

18 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is known to have adverse effects on health . Even so , smokers are still having trouble or even reluctant to stop doing it . Here are 18 benefits to be gained if quit smoking .

1 . healthy body
Not a cliche , but if it is smoke and immediately stop this habit , in a matter of minutes , the body will return to normal response . Ranging from blood pressure , pulse , body temperature rose as a whole . All activity in the body will be normal .

2 . Stopping Cough husky
Soon after quitting smoking , the tendency to cough with severe levels will be reduced . At the same time , the heavy breathing that often occurs is also reduced because the lungs begin to return to normal function without interruption cigarette smoke . Because lung function began to return to normal , the lung's ability to control mucus , clean the lungs , and reduce the risk of infection increases .

3 . Enhance Sexual Ability
For those of you who are married and have a few smokers , immediately warned to quit because quitting smoking will improve one's sexual performance . For men , by quitting smoking will facilitate the process of erection , while for women will be easily aroused .

4 . Cigarette smell in the Missing Body
If you stop smoking , within a few minutes the aroma of cigarettes from the body will be lost . Additionally , where you live will be fresh and clean .

5 . Reduce the Risk of Health Problems
Smoking just makes life vulnerable . Stop smoking if you want to live a healthy life without diseases like impotence , fertility problems , cataracts , gum disease , tooth loss , and osteoporosis .

6 . Extend Age
Smoking increases ten times the risk of dying from various diseases threatening health problems .

7 . look young
Smoking causes premature aging . By quitting smoking , not only will benefit your overall health , but also the appearance . Smoking causes wrinkles and dull skin .

8 . Shortness of Breath no More
Do you often feel anxious and short of breath after walking for 2 minutes ? This is due to nicotine . Once you stop smoking , within a day will reduce the level of carbon monoxide and respiratory system for the better .

9 . Improve Self Confidence
Stop smoking if you want to regain self-esteem and confidence . With stops , you will stop hiding behind cigarette every time you interact with someone or dealing with something .

10 . Reduced heart problems
As mentioned earlier , smoking makes closer to death and shorten life . If you quit smoking , the chances of dying from coronary heart disease , heart attack and stroke will be down nearly 50 percent .

11 . Sensory Organ Back to Normal
After quitting smoking , you will get back the ability to recognize the touch and taste . Damaged nerves will begin to grow again , and finally a sense of touch , taste , and smell will return to normal .

12 . Check to Physicians to Reduce Costs
Smoking causes several diseases that arise , both now and later . Diseases such as cough , bronchitis , sores in the mouth , everything will start to disappear . If you quit smoking , you will feel healthier .

13 . Handle Stress with Better Health
Generally we think that smoking helps to relieve stress . But it's not true , your body experiences when smoking a stress reaction due to reduced oxygen levels in the brain , it actually increases stress . Therefore , stop smoking if you want to deal with stress in a more healthy .

14 . Oxygen Transport in the Body of Being Good
After quitting smoking , the carbon monoxide levels will be reduced . This will increase the level of hemoglobin , the oxygen transport will be done efficiently throughout the body .

15 . Reduce the Risk of Cancer
Due to environmental carcinogens in cigarettes , the more they smoke are more likely to trigger different types of cancer , such as the throat , mouth and esophagus .

16 . More Oral Health
Oral health is needed to better overall . With smoking , would reduce the ability to taste , appearing stains on teeth and improve gum problems . Can eventually lead to tooth loss and damage to the overall appearance .

17 . strong Immune
Within a few days stop smoking some , the immune system will grow stronger . This will reduce the likelihood of falling ill from various health problems such as colds and flu .

18 . more Energized
After quitting smoking , circulation in the body will increase . Good circulation means oxygen will make the body become more energetic and healthier .

Saturday, June 29, 2013



3 Nutrition Secrets For Beautiful Skin

No matter how vigilant you are , your skin takes a beating . It's a tough world out there - and at the forefront of your skin .

However , all is not lost . You do not have to resign yourself to your skin shows every battle has been waged by the elements .

You also do not have to suffer further abuse through lasers , needles or surgery .

3 pairs of natural skin renewal steps to work . And have fun at what you see when you look in the mirror .

The Most Important Skin Nutrition : Water

Your skin needs water more than anything else .

Consider this : Skin Baby ' could have as much as 83 % water content . [ 1 ] a young child has about 65 % water concentration in their skin . However , as we age , our bodies just can not seem to hold onto it as well . An adult woman on average about 55 % water . [ 2 ]

Now it's hard to change the way your body retains water when you get older . But whatever , you can make sure that you fill your water supply faster by drinking more .

When you are well hydrated , you 'll enjoy fuller , smoother skin . Wrinkles and sagging begin to disappear as your skin stretches taut in your face .

But the benefits go further ...

    Your body uses water to help eliminate toxins from your body .
    Water increases blood flow , making it easier for your body to bring nutrients to your skin .
    Adequate hydration increases the mobility of your immune system , making it easier for your body to repair the damaged area .

Simply by drinking more water you will make it easier for your body's innate repair crews to do their work on your skin .

Essential Skin Nutrition

Of collagen - the production of immunity , your skin depends on good nutrition to continue to do its job ... and look good while doing it .

Essential nutrients for your skin include :

    Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a key nutrient in the production of collagen . Even more interesting , recent laboratory studies suggest that vitamin C may actually activate the genes in your skin cells are responsible for regeneration . [ 3 ]
    Vitamin A recent study suggests that - vitamin A seems to increase the production of the two main components of skin health - procollagen , the precursor to collagen , and glycosaminoglycans . Glycosaminoglycans seem to help your skin hold onto water , helps the production of collagen and reduce wrinkles . [ 4 ]
    Nucleic Acid - Anti - aging pioneer , Dr. Ben Frank , author of the classic book Eat and Grow Young , shows , healthy cell replication requires a good supply of nucleic acids . Dr. Frank noted that high dietary nucleotides produce less wrinkles and better skin tone . [ 5 ]
    Beta glucans - Clinical studies have shown immune stimulating molecules can specifically help patients heal burns , [ 6 ] to protect your skin from UV rays [ 7 ] and accelerate the overall skin rejuvenation . [ 8 ]

By providing essential nutrients your skin , your skin helps you to take care of himself.

Restore Your Skin

Battered by the elements , your skin is constantly regenerating itself . Cell by cell , your body continues to rebuild the outer border . Average outer layer over your skin is replaced every week .

Your body needs nutrients remarkable only for this fuel cell is constantly changing set .

And it also requires very specific nutrients that stimulate and support the replication of cells . Nutrients such as chlorella growth factor ( CGF ) .

Growth factors that are found throughout nature , in plants and animals . They are chemical signals that promote wound healing and tissue growth , through cell replication and differentiation .

Chlorella growth factor ( CGF ) , only found in chlorella , stimulates renewal is very good . And the effect of renewing it does not stop with the CGF chlorella . It has been proven to be safe accelerate tissue repair and healing in our skin . In laboratory studies , the researchers have shown that even seems to slow aging at the cellular level . [ 9 ]

This special Maintaining Food And Renew Your Skin

Hydrate , nourish and renew . Your skin requires you to take all 3 tasks.

When it comes to food and renewal , a small green algae - chlorella - providing exceptional skin nutrition .

With vitamin C. .. rich in vitamin A. .. Full of beta glucan ... with nucleotides more concentrated than other foods ... and the only source of CGF ...

Chlorella feed your skin to regenerate .

    You can apply the chlorella topical skin care cream . Your skin will eat it directly .
    And you can also take a supplement skin . This is a delicious addition to your diet

Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Weight Loss

Paleo Diet Is a Healthy Diet Can Help You Fight Inflammation and Help With Weight Loss

If you like 2/3 of Americans , you struggle with weight . Nutritionists reveal new findings about what constitutes a healthy diet almost every day . At the same time , a new diet that continues to sweep the country shelf magazines , bookstores , and talk shows . The Paleo Diet may seem purely for fun but actually low-sodium , sugar -free and gluten-free . Supporters say it is the best diet to combat everything from obesity to acne including inflammation associated with many chronic diseases such as diabetes , heart disease , arthritis and even high blood pressure .

The premise is that our stomachs have evolved a lot since the Stone Age about 10,000 years ago . With modern foods that emulate what our ancestors ate hunter gatherers we can be free from the epidemic of chronic disease in the population today . Even if you find questionable science behind the diet , you can not argue that it's healthy .

So , how do you mimic the caveman diet ? Basically you do not eat foods that are grown , processed , or contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners . That means no refined sugar , grains , starchy tubers , legumes , dairy products , processed meat , oil , or salt .

But let's focus on what you CAN eat . There are tons of readily available paleo -friendly recipe for smart dieter . No one likes to diet was restricted and it was bland , and their diets almost always fail .

Seasoning is not strictly in accordance with the diet because our ancestors hunter gatherers did not have access to them . But , if you do not like the food that you eat you most likely will not stick to a diet . Be wary of hidden salt and sugar in a spice you love . There are plenty of alternative natural salt or salt substitute and salt-free , sugar -free condiments available . Many spice blends also tend to be free of gluten , which is under the guidance of the grain diet .

Pretty much any kind of food or a pair of meat and vegetables meat and vegetables ( salad ) were good to go . Just combine the meat you eat now like beef , pork , lamb, beef , chicken , turkey , or fish , with vegetables that you enjoy . Remember that many foods you already eat only meat and vegetables . Shish kebab , stir fried , [ meat ' n veg meal ]

Egg salad , tuna salad , and chicken salad can be eaten in all plans by using paleo friendly herbs and mayo . Some of the most popular ancient recipes are soups , stews , and chili no beans , so you 'll want to stock up on the types of salt-free , sugar -free condiments .

You may need to reacquaint yourself with the difference between vegetables , nuts , and tubers . Legumes and tubers do not fall under the dietary guidelines , which means no peanuts, beans , or potatoes . There are many sites to help with a specific list if you 're wondering whether the foods included in the diet or not .

Start Paleo Diet can seem intimidating at first , because you are not supposed to eat a lot of food staple of modern diet.You who may not realize how many paleo friendly recipes that have been , or can be made to with a simple adjustment . Whatever you may feel about the premise , Paleo Diet is a healthy lifestyle diet that can help you fight inflammation and help you lose weight ..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Raw Coconut Crystals...

I can't believe I still haven't posted about this.... I am so scattered with posting new recipes, I AM making them, I even have pictures, just finding time to sit down and document them is taking a back burner. But for those of you still interested, here's a product my sister introduced me to about a year and a half ago. I love to use it as a natural replacement to sugar in baked goods. I use it all the time, in fact it's all I bake with these days. It's simply dried coconut. Not refined, nothing added, it's great.

I use it in everything to cupcakes to banana bread to marinates. Have you ever tried it?? Let us know your favorite uses. If you are interested in getting some, check your local health food store, or better yet, look online for better deals- even better if you have access to an Azure Standard Co-op! I use the Coconut Crystals from Coconut Secret.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catching up & Continuing the Journey...

Currently I am in a season of learning, experimenting, and honestly, just enjoying my days with my kids and hubby when he's home. I have done a ton of cooking, reading of blogs and cookbooks, and digging deeper into my knowledge and understanding of health & doing our best to take care of the part that is our responsibility. Here's a great video that will shed some light on the recent rapid increase of allergies in our children- soy, corn, dairy and wheat. In this video, Robyn talks about how those crops have been genetically modified (that actual structure of the crop or seed is altered) and thus changing the way it is grown and received by our bodies... leading to an inability for us to accept, digest, and receive its nutrients- hence an allergy or intolerance is born.  Super interesting... check it out... and it will change the way you think about food.

more soon, I hope!