Sunday, June 30, 2013

18 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is known to have adverse effects on health . Even so , smokers are still having trouble or even reluctant to stop doing it . Here are 18 benefits to be gained if quit smoking .

1 . healthy body
Not a cliche , but if it is smoke and immediately stop this habit , in a matter of minutes , the body will return to normal response . Ranging from blood pressure , pulse , body temperature rose as a whole . All activity in the body will be normal .

2 . Stopping Cough husky
Soon after quitting smoking , the tendency to cough with severe levels will be reduced . At the same time , the heavy breathing that often occurs is also reduced because the lungs begin to return to normal function without interruption cigarette smoke . Because lung function began to return to normal , the lung's ability to control mucus , clean the lungs , and reduce the risk of infection increases .

3 . Enhance Sexual Ability
For those of you who are married and have a few smokers , immediately warned to quit because quitting smoking will improve one's sexual performance . For men , by quitting smoking will facilitate the process of erection , while for women will be easily aroused .

4 . Cigarette smell in the Missing Body
If you stop smoking , within a few minutes the aroma of cigarettes from the body will be lost . Additionally , where you live will be fresh and clean .

5 . Reduce the Risk of Health Problems
Smoking just makes life vulnerable . Stop smoking if you want to live a healthy life without diseases like impotence , fertility problems , cataracts , gum disease , tooth loss , and osteoporosis .

6 . Extend Age
Smoking increases ten times the risk of dying from various diseases threatening health problems .

7 . look young
Smoking causes premature aging . By quitting smoking , not only will benefit your overall health , but also the appearance . Smoking causes wrinkles and dull skin .

8 . Shortness of Breath no More
Do you often feel anxious and short of breath after walking for 2 minutes ? This is due to nicotine . Once you stop smoking , within a day will reduce the level of carbon monoxide and respiratory system for the better .

9 . Improve Self Confidence
Stop smoking if you want to regain self-esteem and confidence . With stops , you will stop hiding behind cigarette every time you interact with someone or dealing with something .

10 . Reduced heart problems
As mentioned earlier , smoking makes closer to death and shorten life . If you quit smoking , the chances of dying from coronary heart disease , heart attack and stroke will be down nearly 50 percent .

11 . Sensory Organ Back to Normal
After quitting smoking , you will get back the ability to recognize the touch and taste . Damaged nerves will begin to grow again , and finally a sense of touch , taste , and smell will return to normal .

12 . Check to Physicians to Reduce Costs
Smoking causes several diseases that arise , both now and later . Diseases such as cough , bronchitis , sores in the mouth , everything will start to disappear . If you quit smoking , you will feel healthier .

13 . Handle Stress with Better Health
Generally we think that smoking helps to relieve stress . But it's not true , your body experiences when smoking a stress reaction due to reduced oxygen levels in the brain , it actually increases stress . Therefore , stop smoking if you want to deal with stress in a more healthy .

14 . Oxygen Transport in the Body of Being Good
After quitting smoking , the carbon monoxide levels will be reduced . This will increase the level of hemoglobin , the oxygen transport will be done efficiently throughout the body .

15 . Reduce the Risk of Cancer
Due to environmental carcinogens in cigarettes , the more they smoke are more likely to trigger different types of cancer , such as the throat , mouth and esophagus .

16 . More Oral Health
Oral health is needed to better overall . With smoking , would reduce the ability to taste , appearing stains on teeth and improve gum problems . Can eventually lead to tooth loss and damage to the overall appearance .

17 . strong Immune
Within a few days stop smoking some , the immune system will grow stronger . This will reduce the likelihood of falling ill from various health problems such as colds and flu .

18 . more Energized
After quitting smoking , circulation in the body will increase . Good circulation means oxygen will make the body become more energetic and healthier .

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