Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cooking Demo

(from left to right: Kelly, Lisa, Annah, Janelle, Jenny, Vali, Andrea, Kristin, and Jennifer)

So this was a BLAST!!!! Another wild idea of mine and this time I found a bunch of sweet girls to join me! I invited anyone who had left a comment on this blog or had commented to me in person about a recipe they had tried. I borrowed my mother-in-laws FABULOUS kitchen and held a little "girl's cooking night out" where they got to sample 8 different courses and see those meals be made. It was a ton of fun, they were a great audience :) AND I had the best assistant in the world, Jennifer Stewart (I always drag this girl into things like this!). It was a really fun night and everyone agreed- there will be a Cooking Demo #2. If you live local and wanna get in on the action, leave a comment and let me know!

Here's a Peek at the Menu they saw:
Fresh Strawberry Lemonade
Sweet Potato Fries
Simple Asparagus
Pear Salad
Gremolata Mahi Mahi
Teriyaki Chicken Thighs
Harvest Medley
Kale Smoothies
Cocky Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have a request for a different recipe for Cooking Demo #2? Leave a comment!

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