Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Abundant Harvest Organics

A few of my friends in town and a handful from out of town have told me about different co-ops that they have joined to support local farmers and have access to fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce. So after way to long, I decided to give one a whirl and I was pretty impressed with the quality and price. I logged onto Abundant Harvest Organics and signed up to receive a large box of produce and picked it that week at their drop off location on Saturday. Here's a sneak peak at what I got:

In the box was a TON of fresh spinach (3 Large Ziplock Bags full), green cabbage, butter lettuce, 12 crowns of broccoli, 2 rutabagas, 3 parsnips, a dozen oranges & tangerines, and a dozen apples. Next week, I am going to change my order to a small box (because we had broccoli coming out our ears!) and I am going to do some add-ons like black beans, brown rice, some herbs, and possibly some eggs. They have a ton of different add-ons ranging from more citrus or fresh, seasonal fruit to dried beans and lentils, to chickens, grass fed beef and dairy products. It may be something you might be interested in looking into. They have many locations and seemed really reasonably priced (to me) for fresh, seasonal, local, organic produce, just thought I would pass on the info! We are going to try it out for a bit and see how it works for our family.

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