Monday, November 15, 2010

Gluten-Free Flours....

So, lately- thanks to my sister and a few friends who eat (or are beginning to eat) "Gluten Free" because of health issues- I have become more curious about the option and the ways to incorporate a wheat free or "less wheat diet" into my own family's eating habits. If you talk around enough, you know that a lot of people (especially little kids) have allergies or intolerances to gluten. I also know, that a lot of diseases (especially autoimmunes) like Celiacs, Lupus, Leaky Gut, Crohn's and Hyperthyroidism do better on a "wheat free" diet.... all that to say, why not try to incorporate other options into our diets for a possible better physical feeling outcome. To me, the most important thing about my diet (and my new curiosity!) is that it is balanced and not extreme when it doesn't need to be. For me that means tons of fresh fruits and veggies, grains & legumes, clean meat, and limited processed foods (and of course my home baked goodies, cuz life would be boring without them!)... with an EMPHASIS on the Balanced PART! I want to enjoy life, eat healthy and not be a slave to my kitchen or my menu! Extremes have never been good for me and things seem to stick better when they are slowly incorporated and changed over time and not quickly overdone and forced.... but that's just me speaking. I'd like to be thinking that I would be continuing to grow and learn each year, eating better in 5 years than I am now... it's all a learning process :)

Here's a snip-it on what I have tried so far, and really, it's just a snip-it!

All Purpose Gluten Free Baking Flour
Oat Flour
Here are two of the products that have been recommended to me that I have just merley scrapped the surface with- I am not an expert in them at all! I have only tried baking a few things, but for what I have used it for, they have worked great for me and seem to be worth the switch. But I wanted to get your input! So, if you are avoiding gluten or wanting to incorporate other kinds of flour beside white and wheat into your diet, give us an update and tell us your findings- I would love to hear what you all use if you choose white or wheat alternatives! Please leave a comment and share with us your wisdom!!!

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