Monday, October 24, 2011

Sippy Cup SAVER!

I am slowing down on my posts, my babes are keeping me busy and to be honest,  I have been enjoying fine tuning some old favorite recipes (stay tuned for some "tweaked" posts when I share about changes I have made to "Old Faithful" Recipes) but for now, I have a surprise in store for you!

 Are you ready for the ULTIMATE SIPPY CUP CLEANING TOOL EVER??? This is it... Meet OXO's Sippy Cup Cleaner Kit... ain't she cute???

So, I stumbled upon these at one of my excursions to Home Goods. How cool are these!? They are great for the sippy cup that goes unnoticed under the couch for a few days {gulp... weeks} and has things growing on the inside, these fine, narrow little brushes get in all the right places, even the holes in the top!!!!

But my personal favorite use, is.... SMOOTHIE CLEANING! Do the inside of your sippy cup straws ever get plastered with dried smoothie, making it virtually impossible to get it clean?? Or do you ever get seeds stuck in the tiny holes in the top??  NO LONGER my friends, this tool will save your ... sippy cups LIFE- guaranteed!

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