Friday, March 4, 2011

Tips for hosting a Party...

I love to throw parties, I love to have people over, I love to let my creative juices flow and have fun showing others so that they know I enjoy having them in my life! I think I might have inherited this from my mother. Here just a few ideas for some of your parties- big or small...

To add a splash of color to the bottom of your vases, thinly slice some citrus (limes, lemons, oranges, blood oranges, even grapefruit), it will give an extra pop of color and a pleasant aroma too!
Don't feel like you have to confine yourself to vases either, there are lots of fun holders for flowers, just start looking around your kitchen, garage sales, and the Good Will for fun and unusual finds! Like this...
and this...
Need a centerpiece for Easter coming up?? Grab a small wooden box or clay pot and grow some grass in it (great project for kids too!) Then add a small fluffy chick or fuzzy bunny to it- simple, inexpensive, and springy... And low enough for your guests to talk over.... don't you hate it when people move your centerpieces! (Sorry this isn't the best picture, it's always awkward to take pictures of other peoples centerpieces at a large BBQ!)

Another centerpiece of table decoration that's great for showers or events is glass jars full of colorful candy (which always seems to be snacked on throughout the event!) with homemade pinwheels poking out the top! These are great for kids and adult themes alike, they are a great way to incorporate colors and themes to any party.
How about making your own block signs?? Super simple. Cut a 2x4 into different size blocks, paint, and letter them with a message for your next holiday or season! These could make their way out for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and more!
Here is a picture of my dear friend Monica's wedding- it was SO beautiful I wanted to share it with you! The thing I loved about this was the way she used bright colors that contrasted each other so well- with the turquiose and yellow. Every table was a little different, don't confine yourself to making everything the exact same... and her attention to detail was awesome! Notice the clocks?? The only number on the clock represented the table number in order to let guests know where to sit... creative huh?? She made them with Target clocks and cardstock- super ingenious!
Here's a picture of my baby shower that my girlfriends threw for me when I was pregnant with my son- I LOVED every detail! The were really creative and went with a bird/nest theme... it's always fun & more interesting to chose a theme! Notice the wreath with the blue Letter "J" on it, the cake pops made like Robin Eggs, the cupcakes with shredded coconut to look like a birds nest, the birdie tags on the treats that read "A Tweet for YOU!". Choosing a theme can really tie a party all together!
Choose a fun topper for your cupcake stand! You of course can reserve the top of the stand for the cupcake with the candle on it, but why not top it with something creative like a flower, baby toy or mini bride... something out of the ordinary... again to help tie in the theme!
For tips on how to make your OWN EASY letters for on top of your next cake, check out these SIMPLE directions!
And here's a fun thought, give your guests something simple and fun to leave with- even big kids like party favors!
Consider this your virtual Party Favor... thanks for stopping by!

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