Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Turkey Cutlets = Quick Dinner Fix!

How often do you pick up something at the grocery store not knowing when you are going to use, what to do with it, or maybe even with the intentions of popping it in the freezer for a last minute dinner?? Well, if so, POP these in your cart next time you are out.... Turkey Cutlets. They make a great last minute, simple, and error-proof meal!

This is more of an idea to spur on your brain and help you in your last minute quandary.... Soooooo- wash your cutlets, season them with s & p and garlic powder. Add a expeller pressed coconut oil to a skillet and brown them on both sides for a few minutes (maybe 5ish) until they are fully cooked and golden brown. They are thin so they cook quickly and they are tasty so they are loved by adults and kids alike. Perfect right??? Serve them with a quick veggie like asparagus or squash and some harvest grain (from Trader Joe's). That's a 20 minute meal tops--- healthy, quick AND delicious!

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