Friday, August 28, 2009

Harvest Grains Blend

ATTENTION: This is an idea, not a recipe, the recipe is a free-be on the back of the package!!!!
I just had to post this, because for the past 6 months this has been our families grain of choice. We love it, the kid loves it, friends love it- it's about time it makes it to the blog!!! It is an awesome blend of couscous, red quinoa, orzo, and baby garbanzos. It is so chewy and fluffy and high in protein, we love it as a side dish to anything! AND if all that wasn't good enough, it cooks in 15 minutes or less with just some chicken broth (I recommend broth verses water for the flavor) and you can add a TBSP of butter if you want, but it's not necessary. If you have kids, you will love this, because it stays kinda clumpy so it is easy for them to scoop up and eat! Give it a whirl, you know where to find it if you read this blog--- TRADER JOE'S!!! ** Follow the measurements on the package.

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